UVa Library Launches “Libra Data”—University of Virginia Dataverse Repository

On March 29, 2016 the University of Virginia (UVa) Library announced their new “Libra Data” service, powered by DataverseLibra Data is a place for UVa researchers to share data publicly, and is part of the Libra Scholarly Repository suite of services which includes works of UVa scholarship such as articles, books, theses, and data. Libra Data will make it much easier for users to deposit datasets into the repository.

Dataverse Software Release v4.2.4

The latest release of the Dataverse software, v4.2.4, is now available to download from GitHub. This is a patch release to address issues with harvested dataset links and correct the behavior of zip downloads when selecting restricted files to which you do not have permission. There are a few other corrections such as fixing the :ZipDownloadLimit setting, allowing a Dataverse installation administrator to adjust the maximum amount of data that can be downloaded at one time.

Dataverse 4.0, Next Week!

At the beginning of next week, April 13th, Harvard Dataverse will be upgraded to Dataverse 4.0! The current version of the Harvard Dataverse ( will still be available for the next month for you to view. However, you will be able to edit, upload, or download in the new release 4.0 and can benefit from the new functionalities there.  

Dataverse 4.0: Permissions

Dataverse 4.0 has an entirely new way to grant access to a dataverse, dataset, and restricted files. Each dataverse and dataset has their own permissions page.

Dataverse Permissions

To access the permissions for a dataverse, click on the Edit button then select Permissions.

Permissions page for a dataverse.

By clicking on the Edit Access button, you are able to change the settings allowing no one or anyone to add either dataverses or datasets to a dataverse.