Community Data Repositories Working With The Library & University: A Harvard Dataverse Use Case, at e-Science Symposium, UMASS Medical School, Worcester, MA, Wednesday, April 6, 2016:
This poster by Eleni Castro examines the collaboration between an academic library, various university departments, and an open source community data repository to help faculty and affiliated researchers curate, share and archive research data at Harvard University.
Sharing Sensitive Data with Confidence: The DataTags System, at Harvard University, Monday, December 14, 2015:

Presented by Mercè Crosas, Michael Bar-Sinai and Latanya Sweeney.

Society generates data on a scale previously unimagined. Wide sharing of these data promises to improve important aspects of life such as health and education, by increasing their quality and lowering their cost. However, these same data often include sensitive information about people that could cause serious harms if shared widely. A multitude of regulations, laws and best practices protect data that contain sensitive personal information.