December 2016

Harvard’s Subscription Data Dataverse


This post is from Sonia Barbosa, Manager of Data Curation, Harvard Dataverse. Get in touch at

You can join Harvard’s Subscription Data Dataverse and share licensed data easily!

This year, Harvard’s Dataverse Repository decided it needed a long-term home for data licensed to Harvard affiliates. “Why now?” you may ask, after Dataverse has been in place and available for use Read more about Harvard’s Subscription Data Dataverse

Dataverse 4.6 Release

The main feature of this release is a File Landing Page, which provides a static URL for files and will serve as a base for expanded file options, such as versioning, provenance, and metadata explorations. Features and bug fixes in this release include:

#2465 Introduce a new File Landing Page
#3133 Fix an issue with the Request Access workflow
Read more about Dataverse 4.6 Release

Dataverse Release and Roadmap Updates


The Dataverse Roadmap is being updated to reflect some changes to our release plans and schedule.

We will release Dataverse 4.6 the week of December 12th. This release of Dataverse includes a file landing page, harvesting updates, enhancements to file uploads, and more.

Dataverse 4.6 does not include File Replace, ORCID, or Provenance. These features are in progress and will follow along as one or more 4.6.x releases in early 2017. 

Thank you to all the community members who Read more about Dataverse Release and Roadmap Updates