Dataverse Releases

Dataverse 4.8.6 Release

This release introduces a modular Explore feature to support external tools. It includes performance enhancements for S3 storage, provides an API endpoint to move datasets and other improvements, includes documentation improvements and fixes a number of bugs.

For a full list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, check out the release notes.

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Dataverse 4.8.4 Release Adds Support for

Dataverse’s latest update adds more metadata to dataset landing pages, using a community-driven vocabulary supported by major search engines to make it even easier to find open data online.

Search results account for a large portion of traffic to datasets published online. For example, since Dataverse 4 was released in June 2015, at least a fifth of the traffic to dataset pages in the largest Dataverse installation, Harvard Dataverse, has come from search engines, mostly Google. Giving search engines and other systems richer metadata to index datasets will help people...

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Dataverse 4.8 Release

In this release we introduce support for AWS S3 file storage, providing Dataverse installations with a cloud option. We also include support for Large Data upload via rsync and integration with an external application, the Data Capture Module (DCM). Other enhancements include improved Swift object storage, csv file ingest improvements, support for increased password complexity, downloading large guestbooks, removal of a user's roles, improved documentation, and various bug fixes.

  • Provide S3 storage driver
  • Improved Swift storage driver
  • ...
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Dataverse 4.7.1 Release

This release introduces a user management view to the administrator dashboard, listing relevant user information, providing search and super user promotion/demotion functionality. A few other community requested fixes and modifications are also provided.

  • Display installation users in table format.
  • Provide super user toggle functionality.
  • Add additional information to user table: creation time, last login, last api use.
  • Open search API to not require an API key.
  • Properly validate username field on account...
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Dataverse 4.7 Release

This release provides more customization and branding options for installations, improves documentation, provides better interoperability with citation tools, and incorporates code and bug fixes contributed by the Dataverse developer community during our recent community meeting hackathon.

  • Allow creating a custom homepage, header, footer, navbar logo.
  • Remove the system generated word Dataverse from dataverse names, making it optional.
  • Make all system notifications use the name of the root dataverse in place of the word Dataverse.
  • ...
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Dataverse 4.6.2

This release includes improvements to mapping tabular data via WorldMap, support for object storage using Swift, support for Handles as persistent identifiers, improvements to the guides and various bug fixes:

  • Fixed classification for latitude/longitude maps
  • Restored WorldMap preview modal
  • Added map thumbnail to dataset page
  • Remove map data that subsequently becomes restricted
  • Verify WorldMap links remain valid
  • Improved Geoconnect documentation based on UX review
  • Support for...
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4.6.1 Release

The 4.6.1 release of Dataverse is now available!

This release introduces support for ORCID authentication, a file replace feature, Native API upload, and several enhancements and bug fixes.

Major new features:

  • In addition to the existing options of a Dataverse account and Shibboleth, users can now sign in through ORCID, Google, and Github. These options can be turned on and off at the installation level, so administrators will be able to set the options that work best for each installation.
  • Researchers and curators can now replace files...
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Dataverse 4.6 Release

The main feature of this release is a File Landing Page, which provides a static URL for files and will serve as a base for expanded file options, such as versioning, provenance, and metadata explorations. Features and bug fixes in this release include:

#2465 Introduce a new File Landing Page

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