Dataverse 4.6.2

This release includes improvements to mapping tabular data via WorldMap, support for object storage using Swift, support for Handles as persistent identifiers, improvements to the guides and various bug fixes:

  • Fixed classification for latitude/longitude maps
  • Restored WorldMap preview modal
  • Added map thumbnail to dataset page
  • Remove map data that subsequently becomes restricted
  • Verify WorldMap links remain valid
  • Improved Geoconnect documentation based on UX review
  • Support for Handles as persistent identifiers
  • Support for optional cloud-based object storage using Swift, including download URLs
  • Support for alternative local identifier schemes, eg. sequential numbers rather than random strings
  • Allow users to upload a dataset thumbnail
  • Support for non-interactive installation
  • A new Style Guide section for developers, Patterns
  • Updated Two Ravens documentation
  • Updated Developer Guide to reflect current process
  • Fixed Guestbook Response Download to properly handle records for deleted files

Big thanks to all members of the Dataverse Community who contributed to this release by submitting suggestions, code, or other changes. Special thanks to the groups from DANS and CIMMYT that worked to restore the Handles functionality in the application.

For the complete list of issues, see the 4.6.2 milestone in Github.