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Data Citation

automatically generated

Multiple Publishing Workflows

dataset in draft, in review, and then published

Terms of Use + Guestbook

CC0 waiver default, custom terms of use, and download metrics

Account + Data Notifications

access request, roles granted, and when data is published to name a few

Faceted Search

metadata fields based facets

Pull header metadata from Astronomy (FITS) files


APIs for interoperability

search API, data deposit API


single sign on using your institution's credentials

Three Levels of Metadata

description/citation, domain-specific or custom fields, file metadata

Access Control Support

pre-defined and custom roles

Restricted Files + Ability to request access to restricted files

allow anyone, certain people, or no one to be able to download files

Customization of dataverses

branding, metadata based facets, sub-dataverses, featured dataverses

Re-format, Summary Statistics, and Analysis for Tabular Files

integration with TwoRavens

Mapping of Geospatial files

integration with WorldMap