Data Management

By depositing research data in a Dataverse repository (including the Harvard Dataverse Repository) researchers can fulfill funding agency requirements for data management plans.

Creation of a data management plan is a "best practice" for research projects that involve the collection or dissemination of data. Data management plans help to insure that data collected by a project have the integrity, quality, and provenance needed to support the proposed research; and that data necessary for external replication of research findings will be available to the research community. 

In addition, many organizations sponsoring research, including many federal agencies and non-profit foundations, require a formal data management plan. Examples of organizations sponsoring research that require a formal data management plan:

Contact us for assistance with putting together your data management plan. NSF samples for a Checklist for Data Management Plan and a Template for Data Management Plan can be found here.The DMPTool from California Digital Library is also a very helpful resource for guidance on data management plans.