Dataverse 4.7 Release

This release provides more customization and branding options for installations, improves documentation, provides better interoperability with citation tools, and incorporates code and bug fixes contributed by the Dataverse developer community during our recent community meeting hackathon.

  • Allow creating a custom homepage, header, footer, navbar logo.
  • Remove the system generated word Dataverse from dataverse names, making it optional.
  • Make all system notifications use the name of the root dataverse in place of the word Dataverse.
  • Make About link optional, off by default, on if link is specified.
  • Make default guides link be an entry point to User Guide only to allow for other installation-specific structures.
  • Allow specifying guides URL and overriding guides URL versioning mechanism.
  • User and API Guide improvements contributed during the community meeting.
  • Developer Guide improvements, updates to and
  • Add metadata tags to dataset page to improve interoperability with citations tools: Zotero. Endnote, Altmetrics
  • Redirect after log in to page of origin for Shibboleth users.

Big thanks to all members of the Dataverse Community who contributed to this release by submitting suggestions, code, or other changes. 

For the complete list of issues, see the 4.7 milestone in Github.

For help with upgrading, installing, or general questions please email