Dataverse 4.8 Release

In this release we introduce support for AWS S3 file storage, providing Dataverse installations with a cloud option. We also include support for Large Data upload via rsync and integration with an external application, the Data Capture Module (DCM). Other enhancements include improved Swift object storage, csv file ingest improvements, support for increased password complexity, downloading large guestbooks, removal of a user's roles, improved documentation, and various bug fixes.

  • Provide S3 storage driver
  • Improved Swift storage driver
  • Support for large data upload and download workflows using rsync and DCM
  • Improved CSV ingest.
  • Configurable password complexity
  • Fix and improve downloading of data for large guestbooks
  • Disable user by button to remove all assigned roles
  • Submit for review API endpoint
  • Return to author API endpoint
  • Create public-only configuration setting
  • Restrict file API endpoint
  • Improve migration documentation
  • Improve User Guide section on permissions
  • Provide installation-wide setting to control which metadata fields appear at top of dataset page

As always, thanks to all members of the Dataverse Community who contributed to this release by submitting suggestions, code, or other changes. Special thanks to Brian Silverstein, Oscar Smith, Rohit Bhattacharjee, and Sarah Ferry for their work on CSV and S3/Swift. Thanks to Pete Meyer for all the work on Rsync. Thanks to Don Sizemore and Akio Sone from Odum for fixes having to do with Glassfish and SPSS. Thanks to Solomon HM for improving migration documentation.

The code is available on Github.

For the complete list of issues, see the 4.8 milestone in Github.

For help with upgrading, installing, or general questions please email