Dataverse 5.1 and 5.1.1

Dataverse 5.1 and Dataverse 5.1.1 were released this week:

The big new feature in Dataverse 5.1 is support for larger file uploads for installations running on AWS S3 storage. This is paired with the ability to set dataset-specific file stores, giving administrators even more granular control over where large files can be uploaded. We're excited to support new use cases around larger data on Harvard Dataverse and we hope these features will be valuable for your installation as well. There are a few other features included in the release and we encourage you check out the release notes, linked above.

When we deployed 5.1 on Harvard Dataverse, we immediately saw some areas that needed optimization. We also added a new JVM option that will be helpful for administrators that want to scale up system resources in larger installations. We added this to the codebase and released it as 5.1.1. The release notes for 5.1.1 are linked above as well.

Because of these added optimizations, we encourage 5.1.1 for production use instead of 5.1. Note that you do still need to step through the installation of 5.1 as there's a metadata block change and a Solr update.