Dataverse Software 5.5 Release

This release brings new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to the Dataverse Software. Thank you to all of the community members who contributed code, suggestions, bug reports, and other assistance across the project.

Release Highlights

Auxiliary Files Accessible Through the UI

Auxiliary Files can now be downloaded from the web interface. Auxiliary files uploaded as type=DP appear under "Differentially Private Statistics" under file level download. The rest appear under "Other Auxiliary Files".

Please note that the auxiliary files feature is experimental and is designed to support integration with tools from the OpenDP Project. If the API endpoints are not needed they can be blocked.

Improved Workflow for Downloading Large Zip Files

Users trying to download a zip file larger than the Dataverse installation's :ZipDownloadLimit will now receive messaging that the zip file is too large, and the user will be presented with alternate access options. Previously, the zip file would download and files above the :ZipDownloadLimit would be excluded and noted in a MANIFEST.TXT file.

Guidelines on Depositing Code

The Software Metadata Working Group has created guidelines on depositing research code in a Dataverse installation. Learn more in the Dataset Management section of the Dataverse Guides.

New Metrics API

Users can retrieve new types of metrics and per-collection metrics. The new capabilities are described in the guides. A new version of the Dataverse Metrics web app adds interactive graphs to display these metrics. Anyone running the existing Dataverse Metrics app will need to upgrade or apply a small patch to continue retrieving metrics from Dataverse instances upgrading to this release.

Major Use Cases

Newly-supported major use cases in this release include:

  • Users can now select and download auxiliary files through the UI. (Issue #7400, PR #7729)
  • Users attempting to download zip files above the installation's size limit will receive better messaging and be directed to other download options. (Issue #7714, PR #7806)
  • Superusers can now sort users on the Dashboard. (Issue #7814, PR #7815)
  • Users can now access expanded and new metrics through a new API (Issue #7177, PR #7178)
  • Dataverse collection administrators can now add a search facet on their collection pages for the Geospatial metadatablock's "Other" field, so that others can narrow searches in their collections using the values entered in that "Other" field (Issue #7399, PR #7813)
  • Depositors can now receive guidance about depositing code into a Dataverse installation (PR #7717)