Dataverse Software 5.8 Release

This release brings new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to the Dataverse Software. Thank you to all of the community members who contributed code, suggestions, bug reports, and other assistance across the project.

Release Highlights

Support for Data Embargoes

The Dataverse Software now supports file-level embargoes. The ability to set embargoes, up to a maximum duration (in months), can be configured by a Dataverse installation administrator. For more information, see the Embargoes section of the Dataverse Software Guides.

  • Users can configure a specific embargo, defined by an end date and a short reason, on a set of selected files or an individual file, by selecting the 'Embargo' menu item and entering information in a popup dialog. Embargoes can only be set, changed, or removed before a file has been published. After publication, only Dataverse installation administrators can make changes, using an API.

  • While embargoed, files cannot be previewed or downloaded (as if restricted, with no option to allow access requests). After the embargo expires, files become accessible. If the files were also restricted, they remain inaccessible and functionality is the same as for any restricted file.

  • By default, the citation date reported for the dataset and the datafiles in version 1.0 reflects the longest embargo period on any file in version 1.0, which is consistent with recommended practice from DataCite. Administrators can still specify an alternate date field to be used in the citation date via the Set Citation Date Field Type for a Dataset API Call.

The work to add this functionality was initiated by Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS-KNAW), the Netherlands. It was further developed by the Global Dataverse Community Consortium (GDCC) in cooperation with and with funding from DANS.

Major Use Cases and Infrastructure Enhancements

Newly-supported major use cases in this release include:

  • Users can set file-level embargoes. (Issue #7743#4052#343, PR #8020)
  • Improved accessibility of form labels on the advanced search page (Issue #8169, PR #8170)