Dataverse, a repository framework for all

Presentation Date: 

Friday, June 5, 2015


IASSIST 2015, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Since 2006, Dataverse, an open source data repository framework, is used at multiple institutions around the world to share, find, cite, and preserve research data. The Dataverse is for all, including individual researchers who need to make their datasets accessible to others, archives that need a framework to store and disseminate their data, academic institutions that need a repository to retain the data from their researchers, and publishers that need a public repository to make data accompanying a publication accessible to all. Some of these groups use public Dataverse repositories (such as the Harvard Dataverse and ODUM Dataverse), and some install the Dataverse software to be used only for their organization or institution (such as the Dutch Dataverse or Fudan University Dataverse). Members of the Dataverse Community will present on the following; an overview of the usability focused redesign of Dataverse for version 4.0; internationalization of Dataverse in China’s Fudan University; geospatial features and enhancements used by the University of Alberta in Canada; the Dataverse for Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS) and the ODUM Dataverse; the Open Journal System’s integration with Dataverse; Scholars Portal current Dataverse initiatives; and the Dutch Dataverse for Universities in the Netherlands.

Presentations by:

  • Elizabeth Quigley (Harvard University)
  • Jonathan Crabtree (University of North Carolina)
  • Zhang Jilong and Yin Shenqin (Fudan University)
  • Alex Garnett (Public Knowledge Project, Simon Fraser University)
  • Amber Leahy (Scholars Portal)
  • Marion Wittenberg (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))
  • Charles (Chuck) Humphrey (University of Alberta Libraries)
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