Dataverse Community Survey 2022 – Report


Conzett P. Dataverse Community Survey 2022 – Report. Septentrio Reports. 2022;1.


This report presents some of the results from the Dataverse Community Survey 2022.

The main goal of the survey was to help the Global Dataverse Community Consortium (GDCC; and the Dataverse Project ( decide on what actions to take to improve the Dataverse software and the larger ecosystem of integrated tools and services as well as better support community members. The results from the survey may also be of interest to other communities working on software and services for managing research data.

The survey was designed to map out the current status as well as the roadmaps and priorities of Dataverse installations around the world.

The main target group for participating in the survey were the people/teams responsible for operating Dataverse installations around the world. A secondary target group were people/teams at organizations that are planning to deploy or considering deploying a Dataverse installation. There were 34 existing and planned Dataverse installations participating in the survey

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doi: 10.7557/7.6872
Last updated on 01/24/2023