LIBER Webinar: Data Citation Roadmap, at LIBER Webinar, Monday, May 15, 2017:

A Data Citation Roadmap for Scholarly Repositories:

The roadmap makes 11 specific recommendations, grouped into three phases of implementation:

  1. Required steps needed to support the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (a synopsis and harmonisation of the recommendations of major science policy bodies);
  2. Recommended steps that facilitate article/data publication workflows;
  3. Optional steps that further improve data citation support provided by data repositories.

It was developed by the Repositories Early...

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Cloud Dataverse: A Data repository platform for an OpenStack Cloud, at OpenStack Summit, Boston, MA, Monday, May 8, 2017:
In the last 10 years, the Dataverse project has been a leader in open-source repository software for sharing and archiving research data. Dataverse has an active, growing community of developers and users, with 22 installations of the software around the world. The Harvard Dataverse repository alone hosts 70,000 datasets, 330,000 data files, with contributions from more than 500 institutions. 

Cloud Dataverse combines Dataverse and OpenStack by storing datasets in OpenStack’s Swift Object storage and replicating datasets from Dataverse repositories world-wide to the cloud(s) --... Read more about Cloud Dataverse: A Data repository platform for an OpenStack Cloud