Using Harvard Dataverse for your institution

Does your institution need a place to host research data but doesn't need to install the Dataverse software? Using the Harvard Dataverse, any institution can create a customized dataverse for researchers, departments, and faculty to share their research data. 

Our support team can lead trainings for you and your team virtually or in person. Need help setting up your dataverse on Harvard Dataverse or want to schedule a training? Contact us at .

Installing the Dataverse software

By installing the Dataverse software, your institution will have its own data repository with data stored at your institution as well as become a member of the Dataverse repository community. With over 60 institutions around the world currently using Dataverse as the solution to their data sharing, archiving, and publishing needs, your institution will join a community that is committed to making research data available to all. 

The Dataverse software is available for anyone to download in the Dataverse GitHub repository with an in-depth Installation Guide to help your institution get its Dataverse instance up and running.

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