The Dataverse Development Community is an active group of internal and external contributors to the Dataverse software codebase. From fixing bugs to writing documentation as well as creating integrations and client libraries, the community is a major part of the what makes the Dataverse software successful. Get involved by contributing, integrating, or participating.


Want to fix a bug in the code (by reproducing or finding a fix for it) or add a new feature to Dataverse? The resources listed here will help you get your Dataverse development environment up and running.


Dataverse APIs cover almost every piece of functionality available to users in the UI. Want to integrate an existing application with Dataverse or use an API to interact with all the data in a Dataverse installation? The resources listed below will help get you started.


Need some help getting your Dataverse development environment started or have questions about the codebase? Reach out to the Dataverse Development Community these following ways: