Dataverse 4.11 Adds Preservation Integrations and More

We're happy to announce the 4.11 release of Dataverse! You can download it and learn more on Github. 

Preservation Options

The Qualitative Data Repository led efforts to add OAI-ORE and BagIT support that allows Dataverse installations to package data and metadata into standard preservation formats and then export to a variety of preservation systems. The team at Archivematica added support for downloading data and metadata from Dataverse using existing APIs. 

Custom Homepage Enhancements, Enhanced Analytics

Dataverse installations can now more easily display metrics on custom homepages (see Harvard Dataverse for an example) and Dataverse installations now more easily scale and report across multiple analytics systems.

Basic File Hierarchy Support

As a first step in supporting File Hierarchy in datasets, Dataverse will now retain the folder structure of zip files uploaded and unzipped in Dataverse. When another researcher downloads the file from Dataverse, the folder structure will be the same as it was when the zip file was originally unzipped. Previously, unzipped files would be flattened and the folder structure would not be maintained.  

For the complete list of issues, see the 4.11 milestone in Github.