Dataverse Software 5.11 Release

This release brings new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to the Dataverse Software. Thank you to all of the community members who contributed code, suggestions, bug reports, and other assistance across the project.

Release Highlights

Terms of Access or Request Access Required for Restricted Files

Beginning in this release, datasets with restricted files must have either Terms of Access or Request Access enabled. This change is to ensure that for each file in a Dataverse installation there is a clear path to get to the data, either through requesting access to the data or to provide context about why requesting access is not enabled.

Published datasets are not affected by this change. Datasets that are in draft and that have neither Terms of Access nor Request Access enabled must be updated to select one or the other (or both). Otherwise, datasets cannot be futher edited or published. Dataset authors will be able to tell if their dataset is affected by the presence of the following message at the top of their dataset (when they are logged in):

"Datasets with restricted files are required to have Request Access enabled or Terms of Access to help people access the data. Please edit the dataset to confirm Request Access or provide Terms of Access to be in compliance with the policy."

At this point, authors should click "Edit Dataset" then "Terms" and then check the box for "Request Access" or fill in "Terms of Access for Restricted Files" (or both). Afterwards, authors will be able to further edit metadata and publish.

In the "Notes for Dataverse Installation Administrators" section, we have provided a query to help proactively identify datasets that need to be updated.

See also Issue #8191 and PR #8308.

Muting Notifications

Users can control which notifications they receive if the system is configured to allow this. See also Issue #7492 and PR #8530.

Major Use Cases and Infrastructure Enhancements

Changes and fixes in this release include:

  • Terms of Access or Request Access required for restricted files. (Issue #8191, PR #8308)
  • Users can control which notifications they receive if the system is configured to allow this. (Issue #7492, PR #8530)
  • A 500 error was occuring when creating a dataset if a template did not have an associated "termsofuseandaccess". See "Legacy Templates Issue" below for details. (Issue #8599, PR #8789)
  • Tabular ingest can be skipped via API. (Issue #8525, PR #8532)
  • The "Verify Email" button has been changed to "Send Verification Email" and rather than sometimes showing a popup now always sends a fresh verification email (and invalidates previous verification emails). (Issue #8227, PR #8579)
  • For Shibboleth users, the emailconfirmed timestamp is now set on login and the UI should show "Verified". (Issue #5663, PR #8579)
  • Information about the license selection (or custom terms) is now available in the confirmation popup when contributors click "Submit for Review". Previously, this was only available in the confirmation popup for the "Publish" button, which contributors do not see. (Issue #8561, PR #8691)
  • For installations configured to support multiple languages, controlled vocabulary fields that do not allow multiple entries (e.g. journalArticleType) are now indexed properly. (Issue #8595, PR #8601, PR #8624)
  • Two-letter ISO-639-1 codes for languages are now supported, in metadata imports and harvesting. (Issue #8139, PR #8689)
  • The API endpoint for listing notifications has been enhanced to show the subject, text, and timestamp of notifications. (Issue #8487, PR #8530)
  • The API Guide has been updated to explain that the Content-type header is now (as of Dataverse 5.6) necessary to create datasets via native API. (Issue #8663, PR #8676)
  • Admin API endpoints have been added to find and delete dataset templates. (Issue 8600, PR #8706)
  • The BagIt file handler detects and transforms zip files with a BagIt package format into Dataverse data files, validating checksums along the way. See the BagIt File Handler section of the Installation Guide for details. (Issue #8608, PR #8677)
  • For BagIt Export, the number of threads used when zipping data files into an archival bag is now configurable using the :BagGeneratorThreads database setting. (Issue #8602, PR #8606)
  • PostgreSQL 14 can now be used (though we've tested mostly with 13). PostgreSQL 10+ is required. (Issue #8295, PR #8296)
  • As always, widgets can be embedded in the <iframe> HTML tag, but the HTTP header "Content-Security-Policy" is now being sent on non-widget pages to prevent them from being embedded. (PR #8662)
  • URIs in the the experimental Semantic API have changed (details below). (Issue #8533, PR #8592)
  • Installations running Make Data Count can upgrade to Counter Processor-0.1.04. (Issue #8380, PR #8391)
  • PrimeFaces, the UI framework we use, has been upgraded from 10 to 11. (Issue #8456, PR #8652)