R0.5. Insource/Outsource Partners

From the CTS application:
Please provide a list of Outsource Partners that your organization works with, describing the nature of the relationship (organizational, contractual, etc.), and whether the Partner has undertaken any trustworthy repository assessment.

Successful applicants have listed:

  • Partners responsible for data storage and security, such as Amazon Web Services
  • Partners responsible for registering persistent identifiers, such as DataCite
  • The Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University, which leads development of the Dataverse software

Answers from successful applicants

Tilburg University Dataverse collection:

DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) is the Netherlands Institute for permanent access to digital research resources. DANS has been managing the DataverseNL network since 2014. DataverseNL is a network of data repositories, which uses software developed by Harvard University. Tilburg University, as one of the participating institutes, is responsible for managing the deposited data in the Tilburg University Dataverse.


DANS and Tilburg University have signed three agreements:

  • A collaboration agreement, in which are written down the agreed functionalities, as well as the roles, responsibilities and liabilities of all parties involved. Technical and application management, as well as data storage are outsourced to DANS. Functional management and front office are at Tilburg University. The procedure for archiving data and support offered for this process are also managed by Tilburg University;
  • A processor agreement, in which the (IT) security measures and the technical and legal obligations of the parties involved are laid down. Through this agreement, DANS and Tilburg University comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • A Service Level Agreement, in which the mutual obligations in service level are agreed, e.g. updates, downtime, customer support, technical infrastructure and development.

These documents are available upon request.

In relation to the SWORD interface to transfer data from DataverseNL to certified long-term storage (longer than ten years) in EASY, a Front Office / Back Office service agreement will be signed between DANS and Tilburg University concerning the use of EASY.


Amazon Web Services (servers and storage)
California Digital Library: DOI minting (likely soon to change to Datacite)


UiT The Arctic University of Norway (owner of DataverseNO) has an agreement [1] with BIBSYS as the national (Norwegian) DataCite DOI allocator agency, in order to make use of the DOI service from DataCite to assign persistent identifier to datasets and files in DataverseNO.

[1] Agreement of cooperation for the provision of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and sharing research – confidential document submitted with file name "Agreement_BIBSYS_DataCite.pdf" as part of the application submission.