R01. Mission/Scope

From the CTS application:
The repository has an explicit mission to provide access to and preserve data in its domain.

Collection support staff of Dataverse repositories can customize their homepages, headers, footers, terms of use agreements, and more, making it easy to publicize mission statements, policies, and procedures.

Some options for customizing repositories are present only in later versions of the Dataverse software, and some options depend on if the repository encompasses an entire Dataverse installation or just a Dataverse collection within that installation. For example, version 4.7 of the software introduced greater support for Dataverse installation customizations, while version 4.17 lets collection support staff add custom footers to the pages of Dataverse collection. Learn more about how the latest version of the Dataverse software supports customizing Dataverse installations and customizing Dataverse collections.


Answers from successful applicants

Tilburg University Dataverse collection:

4. Implemented: This guideline has been fully implemented for the needs of our repository.

The repository is managed by Tilburg University’s Research Data Office (RDO), which operates under the department Research Support of Library and IT Services (LIS). The Research Data Office is the operational unit to provide support for Tilburg University’s data management and data-archiving policy, which the university promulgates through its Research Data Management Regulations, available at: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/about/tilburg-university/conduct-integ...

Supporting this policy, the Library and IT Services states its vision on digital archiving in the strategic plan 2014-2017:

"In 2017 Library and IT Services:
Will provide an environment in which research data can be stored, used and shared;
Research registration will be kept on the basis of alerts and self-service, and comprehensive management information on research results will be available;
Will contribute to the valorisation of the institution by providing opportunities to publish articles and research data in open access."

More information on the mission of Research Data Office can be found at: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/dataverse-nl/


4 – The guideline has been fully implemented in the repository

QDR’s mission statement is displayed on our homepage at qdr.syr.edu:

“QDR curates, stores, preserves, publishes, and enables the download of digital data generated through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences. The repository develops and disseminates guidance for managing, sharing, citing, and reusing qualitative data, and contributes to the generation of common standards for doing so. QDR’s overarching goals are to make sharing qualitative data customary in the social sciences, to broaden access to social
science data, and to strengthen qualitative and multi-method research.”

QDR’s mission statement is promoted on our webpage as well as in our institutional report, QDR Access and provides the foundation for our policies and governance.

QDR Mission (on homepage): https://qdr.syr.edu
QDR Access: https://qdr.syr.edu/qdr-publications/qdr-access


4 – The guideline has been fully implemented in the repository

DataverseNO is a national, generic repository for open research data in the national research infrastructure of Norway. The service is owned by UiT The Arctic University of Norway and is operated and maintained following best practices for a sustainable data repository. The mandate and the specifications of this service are given by the University Management. The Board for DataverseNO is responsible for the repository [1], and ensures that the repository takes into account the interests and feedback of partner institutions, and the Designated Community. For more details about how responsibilities and roles are regulated within DataverseNO, see R0 and R5.

DataverseNO provides services for research data management according to best practice principles for secure archiving, preservation, and sustained, reliable and open access to research data in accordance with national and international guidelines and the FAIR principles for research data management.

An important part of the mission of DataverseNO is to acquire and preserve research data and provide access to them. DataverseNO is intended to provide maximum public access to unrestricted research data for the advancement of scholarship and the public good in ways that are consistent with the FAIR Data Principles [2] [3]. DataverseNO uses good archival practices to retain research data deposited into DataverseNO.

By the DataCite DOI minting requirements, UiT The Arctic University of Norway (owner of DataverseNO) is committed to secure archiving and data retrieval for at least 10 years after assigned DOI. Independent of this type of external requirements, the intent of DataverseNO is to ensure access to archived data in a long-term perspective.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway (owner of DataverseNO) has the responsibility to communicate to its partner institutions as well as individual depositors, the common guidelines for archiving and managing research data, and to keep these up to date in accordance with principles of best practice. UiT The Arctic University of Norway (owner of DataverseNO) assume the obligation to ensure sound and reliable management of the repository service in accordance with the DataverseNO Preservation Policy [4].

[1] Steering document for DataverseNO: https://site.uit.no/dataverseno/about/steering-documents/
[2] DataverseNO Policy Framework and Definitions: https://site.uit.no/dataverseno/about/policy-framework/
[3] FAIR Data Principles: https://www.force11.org/group/fairgroup/fairprinciples
[4] DataverseNO Preservation Policy: https://site.uit.no/dataverseno/about/policy-framework/preservation-policy/